Skin success
Wild Fruit Whitening Essence (3T06)
Quality: Suitable for dull skin, yellowish skin, dark spots and other skin and eye problems. Servings: Vitamin C, wild fruit extract, natural moisturizing factor, elastin, gherkin, mucopolysaccharide, chamomile. Yes; effectively inhibits pigments, prevents freckles, promotes fiber tightness, tightens facial tissue, and keeps the skin healthy
Repair damaged cells, improve dark pigments on the face, make skin exude pink skin tone, lighten dark circles, activate eye fat, effectively reduce wrinkles, tighten eye puffiness and improve eye bags. Helps brighten up your skin, helps with antioxidants, and ensures skin
Whitening gloss Professional usage: It can be combined with an ultrasonic machine to make the whitening essence of wild fruits into the skin through electric current, effectively removing melanin. Home Care Usage: After cleansing in the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount around the eyes and face and massage until it is completely penetrated.