Skin success
Double-effect whitening cream SPF30 PA +++ (GT18) Skin type: suitable for any skin
Servings: Titanium Dioxide, Evening Primrose Oil, Rose Oil, Meal Consciousness: Suitable for daytime use, effectively preventing WSUNB’s old and young three, three three three three
PA can better absorb excess light from the skin and will not let business
Its formula is nano-processed, it will not inject parts at all, and it can increase skin transparency. Professional usage: After the client has finished caring for the skin, use it after painting the face. Home use: Apply in the morning or before leaving home after applying cream. Guests feel: The skin is very transparent, the texture is fresh and natural, and the appearance is long and durable
This product has the following features: 1. Prevents air pollution in metropolises and forms a natural protective layer 2. This cream has a natural complexion, has the ability to hide and modify, and has a reddish tinge in the skin. 3. Prevents the society from sweating. Keep Your Groomed