Botox Set (GT22B)
Noretin 7%, Botox Essence 25% Ingredients: Norenoutin, Bone Collagen, Botanical Botox, Pure Water Efficacy: Contains 25% Botox Essence, which has a strong tightening function. Tighten loose cells
Functions such as bags under the eyes, puffiness of the eyes, or sagging and flat wrinkles caused by muscles over time, eye lines, and neck lines have excellent performance. Contains arbutin essence up to 7%, which can self-regenerate and decompose cells. Melanin restores skin tone and whiteness, improves skin texture, tightens large pores, and diminishes eye circles and eye lines. Method: Must be used for three to four weeks in a row, first rub arbutin essence on the face, then press
Add 25% Botox Essence (change it), gently press until absorbed (can be eyes, face,
Can be used). Guests feel: The skin becomes white and smooth.