Amino Acid Whitening Cleanser (GT16) Skin Type: Suitable for oily skin and skin irritants
Skin pH Horse chestnut Horse chestnut primary anti-inflammatory, Grape leaf Grape leaf-strengthen the skin,
Strengthen anti-sensitivity DSBC (silan endial salicyliate) inhibits sebum secretion and promotes tissue regeneration. Function: Amino acid whitening cleansing liquid, for oily skin, can balance PH value and improve epidermal inflammation, calm redness and swelling and prevent fineness
The spread of bacteria can really clean the pores and ensure that the skin is fresh and moisturized after use. Usage: Take a small amount of amino whitening cleansing lotion every morning and night, mix the water, clean the face or neck, and then clean with water. Guests after use: obviously reduce dark particles, refreshing and clean after use.